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Hair Care

Hair Care

SLB on 12th May 2020

How to Care for Human Hair Extensions Step 1 Being gentle when you are brushing your hair is one of the most important things about hair extensions. Without the proper treatment, your hair extensi … read more

What are remy hair extensions?

SLB on 3rd May 2020

Remy hair extensions use only the finest quality of remy human hair. The hair has been carefully sorted after collecting from the hair donor to ensure all the cuticles are of the same length. The hair … read more
Can i trim my wig?

Can i trim my wig?

SLB on 25th Apr 2020

Yes you can trim it to your desired style, and adjust to your head size but we encourage our clients to have their wigs customized by a professional hair stylist if its not custom  … read more